Korea's WOOBO Clinic has a history of over 100 years in "Hanbang" practice from a great-grand-father who passed down his knowledge of the herbal medicine tradition down to his descendants. With the leading expertise of plant-based treatment for a variety of skin conditions, especially those manifesting in inflammation, Woobo opened the first clinic devoted to treating skin in the Apgujeong neighborhood of Seoul's famed Gangnam in 1997.

ATOCLASSIC is a brand developed from Woobo’s Hanbang practices to relieve the stress that burdens modern day skin. With these elegant Hanbang ingredients, skin becomes healthier and more resilient.

ATOCLASSIC Real Tonic Perfect Treatment Mask (5 Sheet Mask Set)

$25.75 AUD

Blemish-prone, troubled skin need not fear. The Atoclassic Real Tonic Perfect Treatment Mask features a formula packed with the finest herbal remedies to target pesky spots and help your skin develop a finer, smoother and clearer complexion. Testimonies reveal dark spots were visibly reduced with just one use. Featuring Bletilla striata (Thunberg) root extract, this ingredient diminishes the look of...