Sesamis is one of a few product brands that that Huway produces, using best quality products using natural, pollution-free mineral water from Jeju Island instead of water. Huway finds raw materials naturally occurring or harvested in Jeju Island and uses herbs from Jeju Island purportedly more fragrant than those grown in the Mediterranean.

Huway seeks only naturally occurring substances in their search for natural ingredients and not contains five chemicals (Paraben,Synthetic dye,Ethanol,Propylene glycol and Mineral oil) harmful to the body.

Sesamis Genseng Nutrition Mask (5 pcs)

$12.75 AUD

Infused with ginseng extract, the Sesamis Ginseng Nutrient Mask intensively provides nutrients and vitality to your skin tired from the external environment and stress. Its hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing agent, and aloe vera leaf extract nurture your skin to create a moist and smooth. Ginseng shows various skin efficacies as its extract is effective in the restoration of skin...

Sesamis Jeju Mayu Moisture Mask (5 pcs)

$12.75 AUD

Infused with Jeju horse fat and hyaluronic acid, Sesamis Moisturizing Mask well moisturizes your tired and dry skin and provides vitality to the skin. The effective ingredients derived from aloe vera leaf extract and portulaca oleracea extract nurture your skin to a smoother and glossier. Horse fat is a fat ingredient extracted from horses.It is effective in skin moisturizing, skin...

Sesamis Bird's Nest Hydra Mask (5 pcs)

$12.75 AUD

Infused with bird’s nest (swiftlet nest) extract and hyaluronic acid, Sesamis Bird’s Nest Aqua Mask moisturizes your rough and dry skin and provides luster to the skin. Its effective ingredients derived from lemon extract and green tea extract nurture your dull skin producing a translucent. Cell division promoting hormones and epidermal growth factors contained in edible bird’s nest extract help...

Sesamis Royal Jelly Firming Mask (5 pcs)

$12.75 AUD

Honey and royal jelly are two of the most powerful natural ingredients that can be used for skin treatments. Both ingredients naturally have antibacterial properties so it can be great for acne treatments and prevention. They are also full of antioxidants which helps slow down aging and is a great complexion boost as it is extremely moisturizing and soothing. This...