Zemu O. Pack Cleanser

$31.05 AUD

This pack cleanser contains the ZEMU signature, miracle ingredient, ZEOLITE from New Zealand. It contains effective natural toxin absorption and purifying properties. Its qualities effectively clean away any makeup residue, absorbs sebum, particle matter, yellow dust, and toxins. It maintains moisture, protecting the inner layer of the skin. Main IngredientsZEOLITE, a mineral from New Zealand. It is known for its...

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Zemu NT All Day Cream

$97.80 AUD

Special FeatureA heavy-duty cream bound with the compounds and ingredients necessary to achieve the ultimate skin. sH-Oligopeptide-1 and Fullerene create and refine the skin barrier, while Adenosine and Niacinamide evens the skin tone by whitening and facilitating wrinkle improvement. Main IngredientsFullerene A carbonic substance that won the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry, absorbs and removes active oxygen that occurs from...

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Zemu N. Pack Cream

$69.90 AUD

A special pack cream containing ZEOLITE from New Zealand, cares for rough and sensitive skin caused by pollution exposure, particle matter, and yellow sand. Improves the skin by emptying residual wastes and leaving natural moisturizing ingredients. It has the function of protecting the skin from harmful substances by forming a micro-membrane on skin, in addition to controlling sebum secretion and...

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Zemu M. Coating Mist

$25.80 AUD

A mist that coats the skin, moisturizing and blocking off contaminants. External impurities are blocked by a defensive layer that also locks in skin’s moisture. Main IngredientsLinseed extract and betaine from sugar beet extract, preserves levels of moisture. Sodium Palmitoyl Proline and Collagen E. How to UseIn the morning, spray gently on face after using O. Pack Cleanser or spray...

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