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Read more on Carboxy Therapy on our blog: https://www.aphroditeandhebe.com/blogs/beauty-care/carboxy-therapy-no-needles-required.

RIOX is mask was made to utilize carboxy therapy technique; a professional medical technique that has been performed only by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The aggregation of gel and the mask brings out CO2 that will be held within the mask to continuously function as an oxygen carrier. As a result of this chemical reaction, necessary nutrients will be incorporated and destructive toxins will be disposed.

The unique character of RIOX lies on reinforcing break down of subcutaneous fat, protein synthesis activity to increase skin elasticity, improvement of acne prone skin, and retaining moisture.

RIOX mask pack consists of gel and the mask. The aggregation of these two components will result CO2 which quickly gets absorbed into the skin. 20-30 minutes is required for effective therapy/result.

RIOX was made on the basis of thermodynamics under the rules of absorption rate and durability. The high density of CO2 stimulates the metabolism of the skin so that the sagging skin will have more resilience that lasts long.

Advantages of RIOX

Face contouring: Phospholipids, one of the major components of the skin, is in double-layered form. When one uses RIOX, the generated CO2 will be absorbed between the two layers. CO2 will go on chemical reaction to eliminate impurities within the layers. As a result, face contouring effect will be observed.

 Oxygenation: Carboxy therapy is the injection of CO2 to stimulate the opening of blood vessels, increasing oxygenation nutrient delivery to the tissue that you are trying to effect.  Carboxy therapy is usually performed by injecting CO2 gas into the dermis layer but, RIOX is a needle-less therapy which reduces pain and cost.


  1. After washing your face, wipe face with toner on cotton pad
  2. Apply the carboxy gel evenly on the face (Using all the gels in a syringe every time is recommended.)
  3. Place the mask sheet on the gel and gently press it (Check to make sure that the sheet has consistent contact with the skin every 10 minutes.)
  4. When there are no more sizzling sounds, take off the mask. It should take aroung 20-30 mins.
  5. Gently remove the gels with a tissue or face cotton. Wash your face with room-temperature water.

RIOX Carbon Mask can be used once a day for 5-10 days in a row. Afterwards, it can be used twice a week.

Notes: Some first-time users experience a stinging sensation, this is due to the chemical reaction that takes place effectively helps to eliminate unwanted toxins from the skin whilst at the same time increasing skin nutrition. The active ingredients will improve skin elasticity and strengthen pores, expression lines will be softened and the skin will feel firmer and look more radiant as skin tone is balanced.


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  • A pele descama ?

    Dear Rosangela,
    Estou usando o Google Tradutor e posso não responder à sua pergunta.   A Máscara de Carbono NEOGENESIS RIOX CO2 não descasca a sua pele. No entanto, o gel de CO2 estimulará o metabolismo da pele, de modo que a pele flácida terá mais resiliência que dura por muito tempo.
    Aphrodite and Hebe